Description of Aubergine Once upon a time there was an Aubergine, and all this Aubergine wanted, was to see as many Melons as he could. Big juicy Melons (if you know what I mean…) He needed to jump far and high. It was hard, the Aubergine was hard! But nothing is impossible. Melons were all that the Aubergine lived for, because Melons truly are the meaning of life. The Aubergine was in his zone and it felt heavenly. A feeling he will never forget and his lust for it will never be tempered.Now it is your turn to see the Melons for yourself. Play as the Aubergine and jump around. Try not to fall and lose sight of those beautiful bouncy Melons. If you try hard, you will get hard!And when you are all finished up, don't forget to eat your vegetables!

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